promise me

i wonder how it would be like to kiss you, to empty your sadness into my body, with each of my exhales to fill you up with mine. but you already know the details of the pain caged inside me. you already carry my secrets on your lips, in your palms, cradling them like baby … More promise me


  i will collect all My edges and place them gently on the table next to the vases of flowers that remind me too much of you. my elbows, the bend in my knee, my knuckles, bloody and bruised. my voice, lost and distant. my heart, Broken. shattered pieces in a mason jar like fireflies … More love

honeysuckle and wine

honeysuckle reminds me of innocence, days spent collecting flowers, trying to fill a whole cup with the sweet nectar. sitting in front of a bush in full bloom with you, a beautiful sight on a street littered with houses falling apart in a town named for hate.   wine reminds me of guilt, the pleasurable … More honeysuckle and wine


i feel myself shrinking, shriveling up. my clothes no longer fit. too big. too baggie. they consume me and i hide. i am being scooped out from the insides. i am becoming   nothing. becoming inexistant. i am becoming what you want me to be.