| renegue |

part one- nostalgia 


chlorine water falls down our legs in drops,

rivers down our honey tinted skin.

we lay out our towels on the sandpapered wood

and whisper our secrets,

pretending that we would always

keep them.

forever and ever like good girls do.


night time falls

and stars hide behind blankets of dark clouds.

we lay on top of our own blankets,

it being too hot to rest our bodies beneath the covers.

you prop up your elbow and rest your head on your hand

and i do the same.

we talk till we lose track of time.

i  held onto every word,

kept them like fireflies in mason jar for me to keep forever,

too afraid that you would disappear

like you were only a

beautiful dream i would forget in the morning.


sometimes i wonder if you really were.



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