Our Mother

woman 7

when i think of Him

i see long black hair in which carries

all the stars.

i see eyes that hold galaxies and places

i have only seen through telescopes.

i see lips in which have blown out suns

and arms in which cradled the universe.

i see worlds developing in her uterus,

sweat, tears, and screams

as she gives birth.

when i think of Him,

i see a woman.

woman 5

but you tell me i am going about this all


because God can’t be a woman.

women are too weak, too simple minded, too


of creating whole worlds.

but we already do everyday

in hospital beds, in the back of pickup trucks

when our husbands can’t drive fast enough.

our whole body splits open

to deliver new life.

women 5

so when i think of God

i think of skin the color of dirt

representing her fertility and boundless

crop which depends on her soil.

i think of hips wide and strong

that sway to the sound of racing feminine energy

bursting with potential.

i see a woman stronger than the God-we’re-taught

ever will be.

with wide hips,

big lips, and strong working hands.

i see kinky, uncontrollable hair and thick thighs

and calloused feet.

woman 8

no she is not a man,

but does she have to be?

because when i think of Our Father,

i think of Our Mother instead.

woman 4


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