Persephone’s girls

we are Persephone’s girls.

the girls born with summer in our


honey coating our lips.

we are the girls raised taught to plant flowers

in our hearts.

the girls whose kisses leave you feeling you got

kissed by the sun.

we are the girls who believe that everyone has

the same sunshine hearts

in a world safe and kind for us to live in.

we are the happiest girls…

and we are tricked into thinking

it will always stay that way.

it happened all too quick.

we were only eleven years old

cartwheeling in the yard when all we felt were

his hands dragging us into his car.

that was they day we discovered that some suns

fade away.

he told us his name was Hades

and that he loves us very much,

how he always wanted a sunshine girl.

a craving, a yearning

to touch.

he locked us in  a place we thought couldn’t be worse

than  hell. his basement

our own prison cell

there was no windows

we couldn’t see the sun.

we were there so long we forgot it’s touch.

we ached for it,

our skin growing so pale.

he stole our sunshine heart,

fucked it right out of us

and now we’re so

cold and scared and frail.

told us he was being kind. this is what a gentlemen

does. this is how a gentleman loves.

this is a fairytale and we are

the slave–no

the mistress–no

the princess.

we are born persephone’s girls.

the happiest type of girls…



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