so much left

have you ever woke up early in the morning

to watch the run rise

on the roof?

seen the world from the moon?

felt the wind wash over you like water

on the top of a mountain?

have you ever closed your eyes to feel

petals raining down on you from the trees?

or collected all the prettiest orange leaves

to blanket yourself into?

have you ever walked through the biggest cities

of the world and feel the rush of human existence?

hug a stranger on the street because you simply thought

he needed one?

have you ever written a love poem and sealed it

with red wax to give to a lover?

or pick wildflowers to put in your hair?

have you ever took a polaroid photograph of the

sun and the moon kissing?

have you ever had a date with the stars?

have you ever had a late-night conversation with the universe

about what to wear to prom?

have you ever wore a wedding dress in the snow?

or make paper dolls to hold all your favorite memories?
if not, honey, there is so much left to live for.


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