please stay home

i walked for miles thinking about you

unsure of how work this out.

you run to me like i am a savior

but honey i just don’t know how.

you think that i can fix you

put my warm hands to work

but they are so cold.

like your lips,

your blue lips that once wanted to

kiss me.

but there is no life left in them


i can’t get this vision out of my head

of you soaking in a pool of blood.

i am begging you to stop

but you keep cutting deeper

tally marks against your skin like you

are counting all the times i could have

saved you before

but didn’t know how.

these images of blood soaked through your

blue lips.

i am crying, tears soaking through my pillow.

the rhythm reminding me of your heartbeat.

honey, you think you are saving me from yourself

you think you are the devil

but i am seeing an angel behind that mask.

i don’t know how to tell you to

please stay home,

people care for you,

care for you,

without you not believing me.


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