Talula- Tori Amos

Song Challenge Thank you Ivy-chan for nominating me. ❤ The Rules: 1. Post a song a day for five consecutive days. 2. Post what the lyrics mean to you (optional). 3. Post the name of the song and video.   I was almost named after this song, Talula. My mom though it was pretty name but … More Talula- Tori Amos


      she closes her eyes and listens to the bath water running as she lets her clothes fall in messy piles on the floor. steam condenses on the mirrors. she can no longer see herself. she bites her lips, dry and cracked, and steps into the water. a scream wells inside of her. … More inevitable

Our Mother

when i think of Him i see long black hair in which carries all the stars. i see eyes that hold galaxies and places i have only seen through telescopes. i see lips in which have blown out suns and arms in which cradled the universe. i see worlds developing in her uterus, sweat, tears, … More Our Mother

Persephone’s girls

we are Persephone’s girls. the girls born with summer in our touch, honey coating our lips. we are the girls raised taught to plant flowers in our hearts. the girls whose kisses leave you feeling you got kissed by the sun. we are the girls who believe that everyone has the same sunshine hearts in … More Persephone’s girls