i flinch every time i am touched because i think it is you, the way your wet fingers ran up and down my leg, and underneath my breasts, knotting them through my hair. i still feel your touch in the nightmares that leave me screaming in the empty darkness. honey, the way you said you’d … More more

Scarred Women

This story is about cutting, so if mentions of that serves as a trigger to you, you probably shouldn’t read this. Inspired by Roxane Gay’s Difficult Women     What the Scarred Woman Knows Scarred Women are very familiar with blood. How bright and shiny it is when it first appears, but dries a nasty shade … More Scarred Women

sad boy

  i’m the type of a girl who bites her tongue, filling her mouth with the metallic taste of blood to keep from screaming up a storm. you tell me that you’re the type of guy who falls in love so easy. of roses, kisses, gushing letters sealed in red envelopes for every type of … More sad boy